Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Terminal and I

I and the Terminal/Command Prompt are on a whirlwind, vicious love affair, which started out as an arrangement of convenience and has quickly exploded into a blazing inferno.

Maybe it's me. I admire a program of high competence .. but more than that... the Command Prompt really communicates with me. No endlessly spiraling beach balls .. no progress loading bars that never move... Hell, even when I don't know what it's saying, it's talking to me.  It's a polyglot after all...

Yeah. Command prompt. I love you. For now. Now get my Mac through this strange remote end hanging up unexpectedly error, please and thank you. We'll keep talking if you somehow figure it out. I'm posed to do the craziest merge since I started this endeavor and I can't afford to be late."

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