Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dynamic Fonts

So remember how I promised myself to get my social coding up and to not worry about programming till Friday? Well, It's Friday. I'm having trouble restraining myself from tutoring (I spent a few hours on it this morning despite promising myself not to). But I got the whole of my social coding beast up and running at about 12:00 (when I stopped tutoring). After that it's been like lightning jumping back and forward between two computers, sharing references across them, debugging on both machines, etc.

I solved an irritating bug in about 15 minutes. Building to the iPad now to see if it will run for me. If it does, it'll be the first glimpse I get of the game running on my iPad with the GUI intact, and I'll take a screen and post it.

Man, GIT is sexy for what I was going for. I usually don't like interacting with the command prompt, but at this point even the command prompt is totally sexy. Like a completely non-issue. Everything is up and running like a well-oiled machine. A purring sports car.  It is an utter relief to use both machines available to me at max capacity- and trade code with computers at school- with no impediments or frustration in the way.


  1. Not just yet. Still hanging in XCode. Tried to debug in Mono, but Mono didn't read anything. Looks like the program is hanging in Try Interface Start(); Is there a possibility that iOS hates template classes like LinkedList?

  2. iOS DOES have problems with generics, but it doesn't look like I've committed any of the terrible errors that iOS won't forgive.

    the Start(); error tells me that the game isn't hanging on the interface. Rather, it's hanging on the generic tree that the interface is built from.

    An easy solution to this will be to build an independent tree for each type I need to use it for (that is, to build an InterfaceTree instead of a NTree)

    I'm debating going that route as I try to debug exactly what the issue is. iOS doesn't seem to have a problem with delegates, but perhaps 'delegate' is too close to virtual, and I'm getting an unforseen error in the same vein?