Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Relationship With Command Line

When you're talking about networking, social coding, or moving around files, you inevitably run into a terminal app or command prompt.

Which I hate.

I avoid them with a passion, using GUI interfaces even when everyone else around me is using terminal. I find all the latest interfaces with the best merging tools, the slickest designs, the most stability, the best integration.

So then.

How is it no matter what I do, I always end up back at the command prompt?

Sometimes its because people pay money for GUI interfaces, I'm poor, and my command prompt abilities provide me another alternative to shelling out 'the big bucks' or going without. Other times its because GUI interfaces can be buggy, laggy, constrained by strange Operating System Forces, or otherwise blocked by well-meaning school officials.

But really, when it comes down to it, the command prompt just tends to work. Whenever I find myself downloading a bunch of programs online, only to find one doesn't work, one is a 30 day free trial only, one is for the wrong operating system, one is non-commercial only, the other works only for a very specific situation, another is for the wrong software-

Those days? Dragon days?

Those days, all it takes is Google Git Bash Commands and a friendly command line, and I'm back on my way from the brink with a begrudging smile on my face.

Damn You Command Line. Damn you and all your wretched ilk. I suspect this will be a love hate relationship all our lives, in which you provide me with vague but functional data, and while I constantly wander off to date other programs, I always come crawling back to you. Damn you. Damn you for being so dependable.

Could you at least dress up for me once in awhile?

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